Friday, November 16, 2012

A Month of Meaningful: Giving Meaningful Beauty A Try

Meaningful Beauty
There are some skin care brands that I receive requests from readers to review. (And when I say requests, I mean over and over.) Meaningful Beauty is one of them. While I haven't had time to review the brand in the past, over the next month I'll be using the brand, finally!

Throughout the month, I'll be planning a series of "meaningful activities/experiences" to enhance my emotional and spiritual wellness, fitness or other elements of my life. I'll be sharing two activities a week throughout the month over on my Facebook Page, later in the month I'll post a recap of what I've done here on the blog.

I'm trying to plan a variety of activities including time with family, first time Christmas things for my toddler (she hasn't met Santa!), shopping for our chosen donation family at work... and I may even throw in a fitness activity. (That last one is in honor of Cindy, whose workout videos are the only ones I've ever stuck with for any length of time. When I hear "Crazy" by Seal I still feel like I should be swinging my legs around! I wonder if you can buy her tapes on DVD...)

In the meantime, now that I finally have my hands on an ingredient list for each of their products (which I couldn't find on-line previously, so I've always told people via email that I couldn't form an opinion on the products), I'm going to dish! I just got the products Thursday night, and I've now used them a grand total of... twice. I'm in the process of writing a nice big post for next week going over each product I'm using and what is in it. So, you'll soon see why I am really excited to be trying out Meaningful Beauty for the month, because it does have stuff in it that I think will work!

Have you tried Meaningful Beauty? Do you have any ideas for what activities I should plan, or do you just think I need to order that Cindy DVD I just found on Amazon for $13?? (I'm trying so hard to not just order all 3. Oh, I should also get a DVD player, I don't have one in our gym area....)

Meaningful Beauty


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