Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Month of Meaningful Beauty: What Do I Think After Using It?

Meaningful Beauty Ingredients
For the past month or so I've been participating in a Meaningful Beauty skincare review. This was a product line that I was interested in anyways (seriously, Cindy kind of sucks you in with the French Melon in the infomercials), and I get asked about it by readers a lot. Like, really, a lot.

So, for the past month I've been using the line and participating in Meaningful Activities. You can see some of the activities over on my Facebook Page. There are a few things not mentioned there, in truth because I forgot to take pics! Things like bringing donuts in to the ICU for my nursing staff on the week end, etc. It was really nice to have a little extra money each week to think about what was really important to me or would enhance my own life or those around me. I was able to go out to eat with friends and family, purchase a gift for our adopted family at work and I bought a few goodies to enhance the cooking marathon that was Thanksgiving. I have one more activity to post over there later today.

Overall, what are my thoughts on Meaningful Beauty? First, I am pretty impressed with the active ingredients. There's definitely stuff in there that works. After using the line for a month, there are a few products that if I wasn't a product testing beauty blogger, I would just keep using. After trying it out, Meaningful Beauty is definitely a line that I'll be recommending in the future.

In particular I really love the Creme de Serum, the Eye Cream and the Neck Cream. I do really like the Glowing Serum (especially with the added Vitamin C), but the more gel-like/matte formula of the regular serum has won me over for every day use. The Glowing Serum is something that I have been using just as needed, on days that I feel a bit blah or am a bit under the weather for some reason. I'm even using the neck cream (as a non-neck cream girl!) and it's really nice to have the spf in there with all of the other anti-aging goodies.

If you're first starting out with a fairly complete line like this, I really recommend trying out one of the monthly kits. You'll get to try out the whole line for a decent length of time (somewhere in the 4-8 week time period is when you'll start to see results), usually for a pretty discounted price. The 5 piece monthly kit from Meaningful Beauty is under $40 and today there's a code on the site for 50% off! While you can't order the products separately on their site currently (I swear you could before...) there are places that you can order some of the products on their own (Amazon and QVC).

Meaningful Beauty

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  1. Lovely, I've heard of this brand before. I was chatting with a Mary Kay rep this after, and she informed me that the best thing you can do with your skincare regime is to maintain consistency, your skin really likes that. Maybe as some more time passes you could let us know if you see visible improvement, or if you move on. Either way, thanks for the post!

  2. I'm going to leave my review/comment here in case anyone comes back and looks at this post for a reference.

    I won the Meaningful Beauty giveaway hosted by 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic (thanks Christine!) and wanted to share my thoughts on this skin care line.

    I promptly received my prize and was thrilled to see that it included 5 full size items from the Meaningful Beauty skin care line. I started using it around the first of the year, so at this time I've been using it for well over 2 months. The short of it is I LOVE this skin care line!!! Here are my thoughts on each of the products I received:

    Skin Softening Cleanser
    This is a creamy facial cleanser, so it doesn't get foam up and get all sudsy like a typical cleanser. That means that it didn't work super great with my Sirus Skinsonic, but that didn't stop me from using them together! It left my face feeling squeaky clean without feeling like it stripped all the moisture from my skin. Love this.

    Creme de Serum
    This was my absolute favorite of the bunch. I used it at night after washing with the Skin Softening Cleanser. It just feels so good when it goes on. It's smooth. Like buttah. And it absorbs nicely into my skin leaving feeling soft, but not overly oily. Love this too.

    Antioxidant Day Crème Broad Spectrum SPF 20
    This was the only product of the 5 full sized items that I was just meh about. I used it and continue to use it since it is part of the system. I applied this in the morning after washing my face with my regular face wash. It has a slightly greasy feel to it, but it absorbs into my skin nicely. It also smells like sunblock, but since it has SPF I think that's to be expected. I just liked this okay.

    Lifting Eye Crème
    I use this both in the morning (after the Antioxidant Day Crème) and at night (after the Creme de Serum). I feel like this eye cream both lifts and smooths around my eyes. I notice that, not only do the fine lines around my eyes look less noticeable, but my eyes look more awake. Love, love, love this.

    Skin Brightening Décolleté and Neck Treatment Broad Spectrum SPF 15
    Now, I am not a neck cream person. At all. But I figured I was given this product for free to try, so I could at least give it a whirl. I LOVE this! It has visibly made the skin on my neck smoother. I am completely sold on this.

    I also received 2 small samples in my kit. The first was the Glowing Serum and I don't feel like it did anything for me. It didn't make me glowy and it seemed like it wasn't any different from the Antioxidant Day Crème. I would not re-purchase this. The second sample I received was the Glycolic Treatment pads. I got a small packet of 5 pads, but stretched it to 10 uses by cutting them in half. Not only did I love these, but I've already re-purchased them at Sephora. They were on clearance and I noticed that they're not listed anywhere on the website, which makes me think they've been discontinued. That makes my sad because I really like them! At least I was able to snag some at Sephora!

    Now, I will freely admit that I probably never would tried this line out if I hadn't won the contest on here. I would have seen celebrity endorsed skincare and rolled my eyes. BUT, having used this for the last couple of months, I can honestly say that I am a believer. I have seen the results, my friends and family have commented on how good my skin looks, and I will definitely be re-purchasing this skin care line! Thanks again to 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic and Meaningful Beauty for the opportunity to try these products out!!


    1. So glad to read this! Think it would be so smart and helpful if bloggers would actively seek the reviews of those who win skincare or product giveaways so other readers could get an extra impartial perspective. I've seen this at sephora too and thinking of giving it a try. Or maybe it was ulta. At any rate know I'm posting months after bit appreciate you taking time to give your opinion as I just might have to try it now too!